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Kathleen Ferrara Portrait Art Photography
Kathleen Ferrara Portrait Art Photography

About Kathy

Kathy is a mom of two beautiful children and grandmother of twin girls. She currently lives in Huntington NY with her husband. Her background is in portrait art. Educated by masters in pastels, she has always strived to capture her subjects’ personality. Her work is in private collections worldwide. She has been told by many of her clients that she has captured the something special in their eyes: “The soul to a person shines through their eyes” is Kathy’s belief. Through her years of painting, she would often photograph her subjects first, and then paint from that picture. This has lead to her true love for photography, which is more then just a photograph: it’s a piece of art. All her years of training is lighting and composition, along with her training in technological aspects of photography and the camera, lend itself to artistic photography.

“We are all given talents, it is what we do with them that truly matters. I love to share mine and bring true joy to someone’s life. Whether it is a piece of art, or photographing your special day, it’s something that you will have forever. Your memories recorded visually so you can relive that treasured moment in time.”


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